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Photo by Hannah Morgan
Part of my Wellness Journey has been continuously evaluating and re-evaluating the things that I own. For me, a helpful way to look at things has been first considering how often (if ever- which has sometimes been the case) use them. If the case is rarely or never, this item has got to go! But, sometimes it's hard to get rid of clothes, and there are some great alternatives. I've come up with a great way to help me get rid of items, as well as hopefully bringing in some extra cash

1. Create a pile of items for donating: anything stained, not worth much or that you have no issue getting rid of. Home items can also be placed here. I keep a bag in my jacket closet at all times so that I can easily throw items in. 
2. Local Consignment Shops: Always have a box or bag on hand for consignment items. These are those expensive pieces that you haven't worn often, but hate to get rid of because of either how much you spent, or you think you might one day wear it. If I'm ever unsure, I take it to consignment because if I can get some extra cash for it, it eases the pain of having something for so long that I never wore!
  • Favorite Local Spots: Greene Street Consignment, The Attic (both have multiple locations in PA & NJ)
3. Online Consignment Shops: If you have a real fear of donating those expensive clothes, another option is mailing your items in to online consignment shops, hopefully for cash. In my experience, these websites can take quite long to review your items (sometimes 1-2 months) and don't always take much.
  • Thredup
  • Swap
  • Another Option is listing your products online at sites such as Poshmark and Vinted. I tried both simultaneously for about a year and sold a lot of clothes in the beginning. The process takes a lot of time as you'll need to take photos, write listings, sizes and even dimensions for all products, as well as ship all items out in a timely manner. This is a great way to only sell items at prices you are comfortable with, but comes with the downside of needing to hold on to your clothing for sometimes long periods of time. 
4. Re-evaluate & Wear or Donate: After exhausting the above options, typically a few months have passed, and you'll be ready to see those clothes go. This is a great time to take one last look at any items that haven't sold and make two piles: Donate, or Wear within 2 weeks. If there are items you really think you'll wear, leave them out for the next 2 weeks and make an effort to wear them. If I really like something, I have no trouble wearing it the next day, so this test should be helpful in determining if you actually should keep the clothing. If you don't wear it, donate!
5. Have a cup of tea & feel refreshed! This process will help you begin to re-evaluate how you buy and wear clothes, more each time. I'm an avid believer now in only buying clothes that I love, and finding new ways to wear or complement my favorite items with accessories or other clothes.