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As many of you may have noticed, I haven't been posting many blog updates or DIY tutorials in the past few months. First, I'd like to apologize for this, I plan on updating with some exciting tutorials in the upcoming weeks. Some of these include: DIY bleach dyed denim jacket, reupholstering a bed frame, and shadow box picture frames. 

The lack of blog posts has been largely to a variety of different projects and ventures that have been happening with Wishbone Well. If you follow our Facebook page, you may have seen some new vending and other community events. I've been really focusing on creating my jewelry line and getting it out to the Philadelphia area this summer, which accounts for the lack of blog posts. In case you missed it on our Facebook page, some of the new ventures we've participated in include:
  • Styling photo shoots, shown below is the behind the scenes video from our Boho Photo Shoot with Ashley Sinclair (model), Aaron Raysor (photographer) and Samantha Ranalli (clothing stylist). Sam also has an awesome blog Style Crusade, which features a post on our shoot. 
  • Selling at various Philadelphia area Flea Markets and Festivals, including the East Falls Flea Market and PHAIR (Philadelphia Open Air Market).
  • Finishing our Bohemian Summer Line of Jewelry and working on some exciting new lines for the Fall. 
  • Launching our Chloe and Isabel merchandiser website.
  • Working with The Transfer Station of Manayunk, who kindly featured Wishbone Well on their blog.

As you can see, Wishbone Well has been up to a lot and I really look forward to showing you more updates on these events as well as some great DIY tutorials! Please feel free to email me at wishbonewelljewelry@gmail.com or contact me through Facebook with any questions, I am always looking for new projects and ventures!

Thanks for your support everyone!

<![CDATA[DIY Comfy Cozy Housewarming Kit]]>Thu, 09 May 2013 14:56:18 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/diy-comfy-cozy-housewarming-kitPicture
This post features a housewarming gift I made for a good friend that recently moved to a new home with her husband. I'm very big on "comfy cozy" things and I wanted to create a cute kit for relaxing and having a nice night in. Included in the "Comfy Cozy Kit" are:
-Two personalized mugs with their names, hearts on the back and their wedding date written on the handle.
-Chamomile plant & tea
-White tea & ginger soy candle
-Super soft blanket & a cute movie
-Lavender soap

<![CDATA[DIY Chalk Board Label Tea Canisters]]>Thu, 02 May 2013 21:40:06 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/diy-chalk-board-label-tea-canistersPicture
This weeks post has got to be one of the easiest projects I've done so far and has already made my life much easier. Okay maybe that is a little dramatic, but if you know how much tea I drink a day, having easy access canisters with changeable labels is a BIG deal. I came up with this idea through a combination of other chalkboard paint tutorials. I wanted to have tea canisters that could easily show you which tea was inside of each while still being able to change the label once you run out of one tea. I also wanted the option of being able to eventually use the containers for something else if I wanted to. So- I came up with the idea of using chalkboard paint to paint a sheet of labels I had and put the labels on each canister. This way I can easily peel them off if a time comes where I want to use the canisters for something else. I didn't include in the process photos because I feel a simple instruction list can do. 

To make these Chalk Board Label Tea Canisters you need:
1 can chalkboard paint- pretty cheap and this project only uses a small amount, so think of all the other fun things you can make!
1 sheet of sticky labels - you can even reuse old mailing labels you have since you'll just be painting over them.
Paint brushes
Tea canisters, old containers, anything that can hold things airtight works fine. Most of mine were purchased at a local thrift store for less than $1 each. 

Now all you have to do is
1. Shake up the can of paint and paint right on the labels. Make sure you have something underneath that can get dirty. Make a thin layer that covers the labels enough that you can't see any white but try not to make it too thick. 
2. Let the paint dry (I wasn't sure how long) but I let it dry for 24 hours just to be safe.
3. Peel the labels as you normally would, either writing the tea type on the label before or after with regular chalk and place on the containers!

Some of the tutorials I saw that helped me come up with the idea are below:
Reusing old tins and painting entire tin with chalk paint
Creating chalkboard labels for storage
Tea canister chalkboard lids

Hope you all liked this tutorial, like I said it was fun, easy and has made my tea making experience even more enjoyable! 

<![CDATA[New Years Resolution: Reuse & Recycle]]>Thu, 25 Apr 2013 15:05:59 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/new-years-resolution-reuse-recycleOne of my new years resolutions this year was to both reduce and remove waste and unnecessary purchases or items from my home and to reduce or prevent purchases of items that are unnecessary or wasteful. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the quick, easy and rewarding tips I've discovered. This makes me feel cleaner, clutter free and happier in general. Here are some tips to reuse, recycle or avoid the need for either! When I want to get rid of things I don't need or use (which I try to do monthly), I put it aside for a week or so to see if I can make myself use it... if I don't I decide whether this is something that can be reused or sold (Craigslist or Ebay) or whether my time is better spent donating it. If you decide to reuse it, you must first find a way that you can reuse it and then do that project or task within the next few weeks. Otherwise-- you haven't reduced any clutter. 
Reuse: make your own pillows or blanket (Tutorial)
Recycle: donation centers (good will, salvation army) and many parking lots or gas stations have bins
Shoe Boxes
Reuse: make beautiful storage boxes w/ wallpaper instead of buying them (Shoebox Tutorial)
Recycle: In the regular recycle bin
Plastic Bags
Prevent: don't use plastic bags, carry reusable and fold-able bags everywhere (My Favorites)
Reuse: carry your items or reuse when selling or giving items out
Recycle: Bring to your local grocery store.
<![CDATA[Philly RAW Marvel Event & Artists]]>Thu, 18 Apr 2013 16:06:33 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/philly-raw-marvel-event-artistsPicture
This weeks post is about the Philly RAW Marvel show on April 25th and some of the artists I'm excited to see. I'm lucky enough to be showcasing at this event and can't wait to meet and also purchase items from some of these amazing artists. All of the artists attending are very talented, but I chose a few that I'm excited to see . I know that I've posted about this event a lot, as most of my time has been going towards preparation and making a ton of jewelry to sell but I'll get back to more DIY posts shortly after!

Photos of some of my pieces that will be for sale are also shown below. I'll have a large variety at this show, so most items (or similar ones) that I've posted on this site will be for sale. Don't forget to check out our new events page and the updated jewelry page. 

A video of the February RAW event here: Discovery
Tina Simone- Artist
Give Me Gravity- Musician
Lou Lou - Rings
Aso Damisi- Clothing Designer 
Mark Stehle- Photographer

Check out Wishbone Well and other great artists at Philly RAW Marvel on April 25th at Lit Ultrabar from 7:30pm- 12:00am. To support Wishbone Well, please buy your tickets here and select Wishbone Well under 'artist you are supporting'.

<![CDATA[Monogrammed Necklace for New Mother of Twins]]>Thu, 04 Apr 2013 17:25:56 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/monogrammed-necklace-for-new-mother-of-twinsPicture
This week I'm showing you another example of the handmade charm necklaces I make. This monogrammed necklace and earring set was made for a friend whose sister recently had twin boys. The circle charms are engraved with an L and  C for their first names. 

<![CDATA[Easter Colored Deviled Eggs]]>Sun, 31 Mar 2013 13:47:05 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/easter-colored-deviled-eggsPicture
Happy Easter everyone! To celebrate over here, I made these colorful deviled eggs. Super easy and fun to make, all you need is some food dye (shown here are colors using regular food dye, but there are also pastel options), vinegar and your deviled eggs ingredients. 

1. Set up your dye cups, mixing 3/4 cup water, a splash (or 1 tbsp) of vinegar and a few drops of your desired color.
2. Boil your eggs, peel, cut in half and put the cooked yolks in a bowl. Drop egg halves in various color cups and let them sit for a few minutes.
3. Make your deviled eggs mix, I use yolk, mayo and some fancy mustard mixed well in a bowl.
4. Take your eggs whites out of the cups, place on a paper towel and fill with the mix.
And that's it, hope yours were as delicious as mine!

<![CDATA[BRISTRONG Fundraiser Custom Necklaces]]>Thu, 28 Mar 2013 16:38:45 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/bristrong-fundraiser-custom-necklacesPicture
This week I wanted to share with you all an example of the custom-made necklaces I've been working on. The charm necklaces shown here were made for a family member that was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2012. Her amazing sister has worked hard to create a fundraiser for the mounting medical bills. While I'm unable to attend this event in Colorado, I wanted to make a contribution and offered to donate 30 Bristrong charm necklaces that could be sold to help raise money. 

If interested in more information about the fundraiser, or you'd like to donate auction items, refer to the link below or contact Katie at ktrich24@gmail.com.

BRISTRONG Fundraiser

<![CDATA[Wishbone Well Signature Necklaces]]>Fri, 22 Mar 2013 00:50:06 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/wishbone-well-signature-necklacesPicture
This week’s post features the reveal of Wishbone Well’s Signature necklace! I wanted to create something that was both beautiful and representative  of my style in addition to the Wishbone Well brand. My newest venture is charm necklaces, using both personalized symbols or items in addition to pendants with engraved initials, phrases or symbols (these will be coming out in the next few weeks). As always I am VERY interested in creating custom pieces, whether they be charm necklaces with your initial, presents for bridesmaids or new mothers, or any other type of necklace, bracelet or earrings you’re interested in. I’m more than happy to work with you on custom orders and no one will be charged unless they are satisfied with the order. These charm necklaces average around $15-$20 each, and most of the items I’m selling typically fall under the $20 price range. Please don’t hesitate to message or email me at wishbonewelljewelry@gmail.com with any questions.

First 10 to private message or contact me with your shipping address get one Wishbone Well Signature Necklace free! The only stipulation is that you must spread the word about Wishbone Well when others comment on how awesome the necklace that you’re wearing is!

<![CDATA[DIY Dip Dye Scarf]]>Fri, 15 Mar 2013 00:47:10 GMThttp://www.wishbonewell.com/diy-tutorials/diy-dip-dye-scarfPicture
Thanks to my Facebook fans, this post features the remaking of an old white scarf of mine into a purple and white Dip Dye Scarf. I asked the fans which project they’d like to see next, and luckily for me they picked one of my favorite choices! See the picture poll here: Facebook Poll. For this project, all you need is a scarf (white, cream, colored), Dye, Vinegar, and some clothespins. I used an old beat up white scarf and navy Rit Dye, which was at Rite Aid in various colors for only a few dollars. As you can see my scarf is purple not navy, which was a beautiful accident. It seems that I didn’t use enough dye to water and so my scarf is more purple, but I still love it and now I’m ready for Easter!

The first thing you should do is set up your dipping station with three buckets or containers; One with the dye (according to the package instructions),  one with water, and one with vinegar and water mixed.  Now, fold the scarf accordion style,  you can see my folds were a few inches or so which is pretty typical but feel free to change it up. Once the scarf is folded, pin these together with clothespins. Dip half of the scarf into the dye and get it fairly covered before holding it above the container to drip. Next dip the same scarf in the vinegar mix, and pin the scarf (still folded) to a clothespin or somewhere outside so that it can dry/ drip freely. Note: Do this project outside, don’t do this in your tub like me, it can get a little messy and even a little mess leads to a purple tub…. I let my scarf dry for 48 hours, and it was still wet (because it’s been freezing outside) so I then undid the clothespins and let it dry fully for another 24 hours. After this, I LOVED the way it looked, and then I soaked it in some more vinegar water to make sure I set the color (this faded the color a little) and then put it in the wash with baking soda and water for 1 load, then 1 normal load (by itself) with detergent and cold water.

Up next: Sneak peek of my new Wishbone Well Signature Necklaces. For those of you that voted on Facebook, thanks and I’ll be doing the other projects over the next few months!